EUNORAU electric bikes were born through a passionate response to help people, while meeting modern-day needs. The founders realized that e-bikes are convenient and cheaper alternatives from cars, healthier to use than taking public transport, while being harmless to the environment. From a humble beginning, EUNORAU has since grown into a premium electric bike company; offering afordable, accessible and well-equipped bikes for a variety of different lifestyles and adventures. 

 Ride EUNORAU, Ride Smile! 

Specter S


This ebike has the Ulta Bafang 1000 watt motor, this is Eunorau's downhill ebike. They also made this ebike to get up the hills as well with a huge low geared 11 speed cassette.



This is one of Eunorau's Hunting style ebikes, perfect to pull a trailer up trails to get way back into the back country.1000watt motor Mid Drive Motor, Camo color add 100.00